Teachers enjoy. That's why students enjoy more.


Japanese style experiential holistic group learning from JAPAN.

For KG to Class 5


SHIN PROGRAM is a Japanese style experiential holistic group learning program from JAPAN. This program can improve not only the overall academic skills of children but also their non-cognitive abilities dramatically. 


This innovative yet simple program is designed to be incredibly flexible so that teachers can always customise and adjust teaching as per the situation and level of students without facing any extra burden.


KG to Class 5 
(even class 6 & 7 can learn with the program if required.)


The objectives are not to improve abilities for a specific subject. Rather, we focus on the holistic development of children and improving their 21st-century skills that are essential in current education.

- Logical thinking        - Critical thinking 

- Creativity                   - Imagination

- Problem-solving       

- Self-discipline           - Perseverance

- Communication        - Teamwork

- Friendship


SHIN PROGRAM consists of various enjoyable hands-on activities that can improve the above-mentioned abilities. Learning with SHIN PROGRAM is truly activity-based, interactive, motivative, integrated, flexible, and above all, very enjoyable. Furthermore, Japanese style group learning methods can improve the non-cognitive abilities of children such as self-discipline, teamwork, perseverance, etc.


These methods will also be an eye-opening learning experience for teachers that they can utilize in many different situations.



Upgrade Curriculum

Global Education

21st Century Skills

Teachers Enjoy

Satisfy Parents

Increase School Value


1. Contact Us

Our team will introduce our programs to you.

2. Planing

Our team will explain how to integrate our program in your school curriculum.

3. Become our Partner School

We decide to implement the program and make your school our partner school.

4. Training for Teachers

Teachers will undergo our unique and effective training so they can be confident in facilitation.

5. Assessment & Support

Our team make sure if the program is functioning effectively by observing classes and working with teachers very closely.

6. Feedback to a Principal

Based on our unique assessment, we will share feedback with a principal.

Our partner schools will get the latest update of our new education program.



Ranked No. 11 in pan India by Education World India School Rankings 2020-21.


It has been not so easy to get attention from students and make them concentrate in online classes since the pandemic started. Since SHIN PROGRAM is a truly activity-based program, students are more engaged and motivated.


It is not so easy to design fun and effective activity classes for students by myself. Thanks to SHIN PROGRAM
which is well structured but not complicated for me to facilitate, I can focus on teaching students and interact with them much more.


SHIN PROGRAM has the best combination of Japanese style group learning and very enjoyable activities for IQ improvement. I am using its effective methodologies such as making students listen to a teacher and encourage students to work with other students in various situations at school now.


My students are always very keen to do activities in SHIN PROGRAM. I have never seen such reactions from my students with other programs. So, student’s attendance gets higher on the date when we have a SHIN PROGRAM class.


Parents keep telling me that their children are always looking forward to SHIN PROGRAM class and they are
happy to see changes in children through this program.


Not only students but also teachers have been learning a lot from using this program. And it is really helpful for us to
improve the quality of overall teaching which is necessary to make our school better.


While the program is well structured, it gives good freedom to teachers so they started thinking about how they can make the class better for their students. This point is really wonderful and unique point of the program.


I can see a big change in my child, especially his patience and motivation to study. He used to give up so easily whenever he faces difficult questions but now, he gives it a try and he is very willing to learn.


My child was not very good at getting along with other children but he got new friends through SHIN PROGRAM. I am very happy that he likes to go to school more.


Which classes can use your programs?

Shin Program is for KG to Class 5 and it is a one academic year program.

Is this a Math program?

Although our programs contain mathematical concepts such as calculation and geometry, the program is not limited to one particular subject. We developed this program to improve students holistically, more specifically 21st-century skills of students. But needless to say, these skills will surely improve academic performance including Math.

Is this a co-curricular activity? 

Many schools take our program as a co-curricular activity and make it a part of the curriculum.

Why is SHIN PROGRAM not designed subject wise?  How can I explain this to parents?

We strongly think that the holistic development of students is very important and the learning materials should be designed for that instead of just providing rote learning. In fact, this is the global trend in education and National Education Policy by the Indian Government also emphasises the importance of transforming the school curriculum from rote learning to holistic learning through experiential learning.

So it is highly recommended to your school to implement our programs and establish the firm position of school following the latest education trend. This will surely satisfy parents and increase the admission of new students.

Which schools are using our programs?

Within 2 years, we have around 50 partner schools mainly in Delhi NCR. 10 schools from our current partner schools are ranked within the top 50 schools in pan India by Education World 2020.

But our programs are not only for top rank schools. We have already worked with middle-rank schools as well and we saw a big improvement of students and teachers after one academic year.

What is the feedback from existing partner schools?

The feedback from teachers, principals, students and even parents were really positive (some examples are above).

We prepared the hybrid version of SHIN PROGRAM so that the programs can be restarted even in online classes from the session 2021-22.

My school is outside of Delhi NCR. Can we use your programs?

Yes, definitely because our program has a hybrid option as well. Please contact us for more details.

What is the price for this program?

We understand the challenging situation for school owners and parents under the pandemic.
Please contact us for more details.

Are there any chances for students at my school to interact with Japanese students?

Definitely yes! Apart from SHIN PROGRAM, we are launching Intercultural Exchange Program between India and Japan. In fact, we have conducted a pilot program with one of our partner schools this year online and it went quite successful.

Not only that, but we are also bringing many more unique education programs and other useful Japanese products from Japan.