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Progress Report on Generic Skills

The most used generic skills test among university students in Japan. Also widely used by companies.

"Once you recognise your strength and weakness objectively, you can polish yourself much better."

"Once your company understands the abilities and personalities of candidates well, you can choose the right one for your team."

This test can measure "Generic Skills (abilities, attitudes and orientations)" that are required in society regardless of major or specialisation.

About PROG Assessment

This is an assessment test developed by one of the most famous education companies in Japan to support the development of generic skills.


It measures literacy and competency and provides an objective picture of your current situation so that you can develop generic skills (abilities, attitudes and orientations) required in society, regardless of major or specialisation.


Why is this Required?

In recent years, the society around us has been changing rapidly due to technological innovation and globalisation, and this change will continue to progress rapidly. In such a changing society, the requirements for people who can play an active role in society have changed dramatically.

A few years ago, we were required to acquire and utilise knowledge, skills and techniques in a certain area, but from now on, there will be a global demand for not only knowledge and skills, but also competency, attitudes and orientation that are universally essential at all times (= Generic skills).

For instance, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) stresses the importance of not only knowledge and skills, but also the following abilities:

(1) the ability to use social, cultural and technological tools in an interactive way.
(2) the ability to form relationships in diverse social groups.
(3) the ability to act autonomously.

In this context, the ability of educational institutions and companies to implement education and training in response to the changing times has become a major factor in determining the value and growth of their organisations.

Assessment Structure

Generic Skills = Literacy & Competency

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Assessment Report

Overall Report

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Literacy Report

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Competency Report

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Recommended Usage

College Campus

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Better Career Support
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For Companies

Select right candidates &
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