Child Developmental Science – The art of Praise

Q. When you want to change your child's behaviour, do you scold or praise?

A. Scold

B. Praise

C. Others

[Risk of Scold]

· "Scold" may have an immediate effect, but in reality, there are side effects.

· For example, the whole motivation for "being scolded" disappears.

· It sometimes comes to avoid "scolders", and it is often said that actions return to the original unless there are "scolders".

[Praise is Important]

· You may think that you must always raise a reward.

· However, it is possible to increase the reward interval or increase the target gradually, so it is worth doing the praise method as well.

· However, for "praise", it is a premise that the supporter evaluates the behavior. (If you keep praising method, actually it will be possible even without the evaluator, but it will take some time.)

Q. If you selected (B), which type is your style?

A. Praise to result

B. Praise to process

[Praise to Result]

- It leads to cowardice and a child who cannot challenge.

· The child will be afraid of "results" more than necessary.

· Hence, They won't be able to get "Challenge Spirit”

· It cannot accept big change. They will lose a big chance many times in their own life.

· Finally, they will be given up their lives.

[Praise to Process]

- It will lead to courage and challenging child.

· The child won't be afraid of "results" more than necessary.

· Hence, they will try problems their "Challenge Spirit”.

· It can accept big change excited.

· They will try a big chance many times in their own life.Finally, they will be satisfied their lives.

Continuing to praise the process is the most important!
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