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SuRaLa Net. Ltd. is a well-known EdTech company from Japan. They have received many different awards such as  “Japan e-Learning Awards, the grand prize of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”, “the grand prize of the Japan Venture Awards”, and many others. The CEO, Mr Yunokawa was selected as one of the 18 expert members of the education innovation council for prime minister by the Japanese government in 2016.

| Surala Ninja!

Individual cloud-based learning program, focusing on basic calculation. Surala Ninja! was selected as one of the official projects in "Edu-Port Nippon" and also it has been published in Japanese Government official magazine “Highlight”.

| Let's learn Basic Calculation with "Surala Ninja!"


At first, children learn important & fundamental concepts through our interactive & enjoyable lectures. These lectures teach children with small steps with clear explanation with a lot of animation and gamification. In addition to this, since "Surala Ninja!" is the individual learning solution, they can study at own pace until they understand contents. 

Example: Addition with Carrying

Individual × Interactive × Fun × Own Pace = "Surala Ninja!"


There is a big difference between "I can understand it" and "I can answer it".

After children understand important concepts, they will get the overwhelming number of exercises. For example, while students solve only about 10 questions in a normal class (40 minutes) at school, "Surala Ninja!" provides 150 questions in the same time.

A lot of practice allows them to master fast and accurate calculation without using finger counting. 


Become Self-Organised Learners for Further Studies.

At the end of lessons, children take tests and get results (accuracy rate, answering time and ranking) immediately.

They record results on their "Surala Ninja! Book" so that they can recognise their progress in their studies. 




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