For Educational Institutions

- Class 9 to 12 Students
- University/College Students

College Campus

How to utilise PROG ?

Teacher and Student

1. Students Guidance

Teachers can understand the holistic abilities of students (not only the scores on exams) and start giving more sound advice to them based on the report.

In Japan, many parents appreciate that teachers understand differences in each child quite well and lead them appropriately. 

Reviewing CVs

2. Carrer Guidance

PROG helps students understand their strength and weakness objectively. Using this result, they can choose suitable career choice. 

This also encourages students to take  required actions to improve themselves by polishing their strength and overcoming their weakness. 

In Japan, university students who have taken PROG perform better in a job interview. These universities could achieve drastic improvement in the placement rate and attract more students and parents. 

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Objective Assessment

Effective Career Guidance

Successful Placement

Increase School Value


University Student in Japan / 4th Year

Looking at the results, I was able to objectively recognise my strengths, which boosted my confidence. I was able to make good use of this in my job-hunting interviews.

University Student in Japan / 2nd Year

I now have a concrete understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, which I had only vaguely understood before, and I am motivated to develop myself further.

University Student in Japan / 2nd Year

Not only did I learn about my strengths and weaknesses, but I also learned how I can use my strengths in society and what I can do to make up for my weaknesses on a daily basis.

University Student in Japan / 1st Year

It was easy to understand the strengths and weaknesses as they were quantified and it motivated me to overcome the weaknesses that I tend to turn a blind eye to.

University Student in Japan / 3rd Year

I can check my growth both in literacy and competency objectively by comparing the latest result with the ones from the previous years.

University Professor

This test helps me understand my students' abilities and give appropriate advice in their studies and career.