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PROG is very useful to choose the right employees from numerous applicants as well as to evaluate employees objectively for the better growth of a company.

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How to utilise PROG ?

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1. Recruitment

It is not easy to find the right employee from a few interviews with numerous candidates. 

By using PROG, you can get the fair understanding of abilities and personal skills of candidates easily. 

This will save a lot of your time and efforts in the recruiting process and find the right persons who can contribute your company.

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2. Employees Training

Base on the report of PROG, seniors can give sound advice to team members clearly. 

By collecting data of PROG results of employees, your company will gain better know-how to train and manage employees for the growth of your company.

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3. Team Building

It is the key to understand strength and weakness of individuals to build a good team at your company. 

PROG can help a company management to understand abilities of employees even if the management doesn't interact every employees frequently so that your company can form a team systematically. 

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