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  • Recommended by Dr. Ashok Thakur, the founder of Muni International School. 
    → "All India No.1 for 6 years"
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  • National Education Policy emphasises on 21st century skills that our program can improve.

The pandemic in 2020 has brought a lot of changes in our lives.

Education is a representative example. 

Now most of teaching from teachers to students are done in online classes instead of in classroom. 

Along with these new changes, all stakeholders at school started facing new challenges.

To overcome these challenges, our new program is the best solution.

Teacher's Concern :

"It is difficult to make online classes more interactive & enjoyable so that students can engage more."

→ With "Online Shin IQ Gym", teachers can provide very interactive & fun online classes. 
      And the facilitation of our program in class is so simple and easy for teachers. 

Parent's Concern : 

"Children are not enjoying and concentrating on the online classes. Individual attention and supports that teachers used to give at school is missing. So I am worried about their children's academic decline."

→ Children will really enjoy our rich and advanced program for IQ development with teacher's facilitation. Since we developed our program to encourage students to engage more by doing during the class, they will not get bored and improve their abilities.

"I am considering to transfer my child to another school that provides good online classes."

→ Parents become happy because the school is providing the latest, richest and most advanced learning contents (IQ-UP) and keep sending their child to your school. 

School's Concern : 

"In online classes, parents can observe the class and give the direct feedback to the school. So it gets even more important to provide the quality teaching."

"School wants to keep current students and increase the number of students in the next academic year. "

→ Parents are grateful for the school providing the latest learning contents so they will enrol all their children and refer the school to other by word of mouth. This will increase the number of students. 

Benefits of Our Program : "Turing this difficult time into the opportunity!"

 The school provide our latest program this year. 

  → Students will enjoy the class more with our program.

     → Parents will be more satisfied and grateful.

        → The number of  students will be increased. 

           → The school can create a stable management base. 

              → Parents will pay for our program from the next year.

★ We will provide 50% discount for our programs for the next year

      if your school take our trial package this year. 

★ We will introduce other new business models using a school. 




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